Spotify T Shirts from

Spotify music community, have launched a wicked range of T Shirts to promote their site.
The designs are slick and emulate both the message of Share My Playlists and Spotify of allowing everyone to be a DJ.  Spotify is the newest music site around and aims to turn the music industry on it’s head, whilst [...]

No I Won’t Fix Your Computer T Shirt

Just because you’re into computers and “on the t’interweb” doesn’t make you a complete computer fixer nor does it mean you’re the family’s one man tech support team.
Well, wearing this “No, I Won’t Fix Your Computer” T Shirt may keep most of them away from annoying with stupid questions and requests.
What’s even better is it’s [...]

Twitter T Shirts

You can’t go a day without someone mentioning Twitter and the mini social community is slowly taking over the world, 140 characters at a time.
So, it’s no suprise Twitter T shirts are becoming popular and if you really can’t go day without Twitter, how about this ‘I Twitter on the Shitter’ T Shirt, available from [...]

Guinness World Record for most T Shirts worn at once

There’s pretty much a Guinness World Record for everything, so there’s no real suprise that there’s a world record for somebody wearing the most t shirts at one time.
The world record was held by Matt McAllister from Phoenix, Arizona, who managed to squeeze on a massive 155 t shirts which took over 4 hours to [...]

I Wear Your Shirt - Novel idea for T Shirts

Jason Sadler had a brainwave one day and decided to wear a companies T Shirt each and every day and post up the pictures on Twitter, YouTube etc.
He would charge the companies using quite a unique pricing structure, effectively making him a walking billboard.
For the I Wear Your Shirt project, Sadler started it on January [...]

Red Molotov T Shirts specialise in funny and witty slogan T shirts and literally have hundreds of quality designs on offer.
New t shirts are added every few weeks and you’ll find everything including political tshirts, geek tshirts, retro t shirts and of course the plain old simple slogan t shirts.
Using only the best materials, RedMolotov pride themselves on [...]

Anchorman T Shirts

Back in 2004, Anchorman was the funniest film of the year and the legend of Ron Burgundy still lives on.  With memorable quotes such as ‘You Stay Classy San Diego’ and “I’m Kind of a Big Deal”, it’s easy to see why Ron Burgundy is  San Diego’s top anchorman.
Don’t worry though, as you too can stay [...]

Feck Irish Connection T Shirt

Made famous by Father Jack in Channel 4’s Father Ted, Feck! has become a classic quote and is immortalised in this Feck - Irish Connection T Shirt.
Perfect for anyone from the Emerald Isle or even Father Ted fans.
Available in 13 colours and 5 sizes, although we prefer it in the Guiness themed black T shirt [...]

Welcome to T Shirt Blog

Hello and thanks for stopping by T Shirt Blog, you’ve made a good choice.
T Shirt Blog is basically a blog about the funniest, rudest, best, most offensive T Shirts that we find on the net.
Hope you like it and don’t forget you can also follow us on Twitter and get the latest updates.
If you’ve spotted [...]

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